Tennessee Tow Show Seminars


Tennessee Tow Show Seminars

 As of July 7, 2021 – Subject to change

Forum: Electric and Automated Vehicles

As the popularity of electric vehicles grows, and the entrance of automated vehicles becomes more of a reality, towing operators need to understand the how’s and why’s of towing these specialty vehicles, including the potential dangers. The forum format will have a panel of knowledgeable sources with time allotted for a Q&A.



Lockout Training

Lockout specialist and trainer Steve Young will discuss proper lockout tools for today’s most popular vehicles.


Snatch Block When’s, Where’s and How To’s

Every truck used for recovery should have a snatch block in the toolbox. They can increase pulling power, change recovery direction and serve as an anchor point. Learn more about the use of this simple but time-saving device.


Web Marketing and Visibility for your Towing Company

Different ways to market your company online through SEM and SEO while addressing reputation management and website content. (Seminar leader: Carol Snelling of MarketSmart by Tow Times)


Maximizing Profits with Abandoned Vehicles

Is your company sitting on a gold mine with abandoned vehicles? How do you legally move those vehicles and profit your bottom line? (Seminar leaders: Trevor Forbes and Michele Lee of Peak Auto Auction)


Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA): What You Need to Know

Federal law restricts the right of towing companies to sell unclaimed vehicles owned by active servicemembers.  Violations of the law carry severe criminal and civil penalties, including punitive damages.  Towing companies are being targeted.  Learn about the background of the SCRA, what it requires, and how you can protect yourself from a claim. (Seminar leader: Towing Industry Attorney Michael McGovern)


Roundtable: Is Your Insurance Enough?

Hurst Towing and Recovery, Birmingham, Alabama, faced the company’s worst nightmare in January 2021, when a tornado destroyed the main location, including equipment and many vehicles stored in the yard. But owner Lynn Hurst wasn’t quite prepared for the battle that lay ahead. Learn from Lynn how to be better covered and prepared.


Safety Symposium

As of July 7, 2021 – Subject to change

Opening Panel: The Growing Role of Technology and Safety in Towing

Moderator Bill Giorgis of Mike’s Wrecker Service, Saginaw, Michigan, will moderate the panel of experts and guide attendees through rapidly changing technology that could save towing operators’ lives.  As of July 7, 2021 – Subject to change



PTSD in Towing

Safety takes many forms. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can affect you and your drivers without you knowing. Learn the signs and symptoms and how you can protect your drivers or help them cope.


Drone Usage for a Safer Recovery

Headsets enable towing companies to communicate on busy and noisy roadways safely and clearly. But wouldn’t it help to have eyes on the entire scene as well? Learn how drones are being put to work on recoveries.


The Impact of the Driver Shortage on Safety

Trying to fill seats and keep trucks moving could cause an owner or manager to unknowingly take short cuts that might end in a serious accident or worse. Company owner Bill Giorgis discusses the growing industry problem and offers ideas on incorporating safety in everyday business.


Safety Roundtable: The Long Road Ahead

An open discussion led by Shane Coleman, who grew up in a towing company and is lead trainer for ERSCA, on what is currently working, ideas from other towing companies and outside-of-the-box ways to stress safety with drivers.


1:00 – 2:30 pm

Roadside Safety Panel

Moderated by Michael McGovern
Panelists include Angela Barnett, Justin Cruse, Mike James and Dennis Richards, Tennessee Highway Patrol and Tennessee DOT 

Despite the enactment of Move Over/Slow Down laws in almost every state in the U.S., roadside accidents involving tow truck operators continue to occur at an alarming rate. Move Over laws alone are simply not enough to protect drivers working roadside. What else can and should be done to ensure that tow operators working roadside are safe from oncoming traffic? Come and hear a number of innovative and cost-effective ideas from a panel of experienced tow operators and industry safety experts. Attending this session could save your life or that of one of your drivers!!


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