Operating Costs 101
Knowing true operating costs will help you turn a profit on every call, as well as find additional revenue streams that fall directly to the bottom line.
Presented by Brad Thoma and Brad McIntosh

Towing Software Forum
It’s often hard to determine how individual towing software will handle a specific situation. Now you can compare for yourself as towing software exhibitors put their wares to the test.

Lock Out Training
Today’s vehicles can be harder – or easier – to unlock than you might think. Check out the latest techniques, suggested tools and insider how-to’s from lockout expert Steve Young.
Presented by Steve Young

Marketing: So Much To Do, So Little Time
There never seems to be enough time. We have those “to do” lists and marketing is on there, but where do you start? Begin by attending Nick Testa’s seminar at the Tennessee Tow Show! He’s got 45 years of experience in marketing his towing company. Come learn some strategies and tips first hand to help keep the customers you have and make them even more loyal, while expanding your customer base to grow your business.
Presented by Nick Testa

Telematics in Today’s Towing Fleet
Chassis technology is changing quickly – reaching far beyond GPS and truck tracking. Find out how to use that technology to keep your fleet healthier with less downtime. Also discuss how this rapidly changing technology could impact your heavy-duty recovery income in the coming years.

Employees 101
What do your employees really want? What will make them feel part of the team and stay through thick and thin? To a large degree, the answers depend on their ages.
Presented by Dan Messina

How to Dramatically Reduce Fuel Costs
Learn how to reduce fuel costs and emissions significantly, extend engine life and utilize a domestic fuel through Propane Autogas. Offers better power than gasoline engines and cold starting down to -40 degrees.
Presented by Ronny Martinez

5 Google Secrets Every Tower Must Know
Drive more cash calls to your business using these powerful tips about the ever-changing online marketing world. This seminar will discuss critical steps you need to take to ensure you secure the best possible Google search positons. Topics to be covered include targeting mobile searches, minimizing bogus adword clicks, nurturing customer reviews and much more.
Presented by Dennis Wencel

Watch Your Back – It’s All About Roadside Safety
Much too often we hear of another towing operator killed along a busy highway. This is a growing concern nationwide as our industry continues to lead emergency responders in on-the-job deaths due to roadside fatalities.
Presented by Bill Giorgis



Motor Club Forum
In its third year at the Tennessee Tow Show, the Motor Club Forum provides attendees an opportunity to discuss non-rate related issues with motor club representatives from some of the leading motor clubs. Past topics have included mapping, routing, multiple passengers, disabled/elderly passengers and more.

Repeated Sessions
Lock Out Training
5 Google Secrets Every Tower Must Know
Employees 101

FREE TIMs Training hosted by the Tennessee Highway Patrol 
Certificates of Attendance awarded

Insurance Panel: Developing a Better Partnership with Your Insurance Company
Insurance is a necessary evil when you’re paying premiums and a godsend when you need it. But what does your policy really cover? Does your insurance provider understand the towing and recovery industry enough to offer suggestions? Exhibiting insurance company representatives will field your non-rate related questions and offer their insight.

10 Legal Rules Every Tennessee Tow Company Should Know
Well-known Tennessee attorney Michael McGovern will address some of the state’s hot topics regarding towing, including the right to hold personal property in vehicle, possessory lien on private property impounds, lien notice statutes, insurance dumping laws in Tennessee, overlength tow exemption in Tennessee, drivers with criminal histories, towing rotation lists, right or privilege, proper auction sale newspaper ads, duty to protect customers, compensation for down time of truck damages in a wreck.
Presented by Michael McGovern

Electric Vehicles: Watts the Big Deal?
The number of electric vehicles on U.S. roads was around 290,000 in 2014, according to cleantechnica.com – a 69% increase over 2013. As more EVs enter the market, the odds of your towing company encountering one are high. Are you prepared?
Presented by Bill Giorgis

Optimized Billing
It’s only income to a company’s bottom line if it’s in the bank account. Owners learn how to better process invoices so they get paid on time, every time. Participants will learn easy invoice processing tips and insights to incorporate into any towing business.

Repeated Session
Marketing: So Much To Do, So Little Time



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